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About Tomi Gion All Natural Cosmetics

Tomi Gion offers a high quality line of 100% all natural mineral makeup with ingredients that are actually good for your skin.

Our nourishing mineral makeup goes all day and rarely needs touchups. It is water-resistant, non-streaking, anti-bacterial, non-pore clogging, contains natural sun block and it allows skin to breathe. It is anti-inflamatory, non-toxic and safe for the environment. So skin-friendly you can sleep in it.

This mineral-based makeup is chemical-free. There are no chemical dyes or preservatives, perfumes, artificial oils, alcohol, fillers or chemical sunscreen. It is formulated with natural ingredients and pigments including micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, Apple extract, horseradish, freeze-dried vitamins A, E & D and Lavender-based aromatherapy.

It is great for oily, rosacea and sensitive skin. A healthy choice for purists, vegans and those who have just had a cosmetic proceedure or are simply more environmentally and health conscious about what they put on their skin.

More about our mineral-based cosmetics:
• Enriched with essential skin-healthy nutrients to replenish and protect, neutralize free radicals, soothe and smooth skin for a natural, flawless complexion.
• Natural, long-lasting weightless coverage corrects most skin problems.
• Chemical-free, preservative-free broad spectrum sun protection.
• Made from micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide light-reflective minerals that minimize appearance of fine lines.
• Endorsed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians and used by professionals for post-procedural coverage.
• Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for rosacea and acne prone skin.
• Nearly zero allergy risk with no harmful chemicals, dyes or alcohol. Our mineral make up formulation does not include Talc, a cheap mineral often used in makeup lines which stretches out pigments and has a heavy, dry texture.
• Non-comedogenic and oil-free.
• Very water-resistan so it resists streaking, ideal for active lifestyle.
• Because our quality cosmetics use only skin-healthy ingredients, products are interchangeable. Use them anywhere on the face for beautiful custom colors.
• Our Tomi Gion All Natural Cosmetics contain no animal ingredients and have never been used in animal testing.

The texture of our all natural cosmetics is different from the over-the-counter cosmetic brands because of their natural ingredients, resulting in rich, high quality cosmetics that apply smoothly to create a beautiful result.

Our loose mineral foundations come in two sizes, 10.5 gram and 7 gram shaker jars and are best applied with a kabuki brush.
Click here to take a closer look at our loose foundation shades

To use: start with a dry, un-moisturized face, use our Satin Slip anti-oxidant foundation primer to moisturize, then dip brush and tap to even out minerals on the brush. Brush the loose foundation with downward strokes. The warmth of your body temperature will melt the mineral powder to fuse beautifully and naturally with your skin. To speed up this warming process and for a dewy, fresh, soft look, we recommedn that spritzing the face with our finishing Mineral Mist. A second coat of foundation can be applied if desired.

Within a few minutes after application, the minerals in the foundation will warm and melt on your skin to blend in for a natural, even color and excellent coverage that lasts all day. Mix powdered with moisturizer for a cream version.

Our shadows come in a pressed powder formula - they won't crease, fade or weight down eyes. The pressed powedern can be mixed with our Mineral Mist and applied wet with a thin brush to line the base of the eye lashes. Apply dry with applicator or brush to contour and color eye lids. We suggest using a Chisel Fluff Brush or disposable applicators for precise application.

Our blushes have rich hues that will deepen coontours and crete a flattering youthful lush. Quality ingredients allow you to create monochromatic looks for lips, eyes and cheeks using only one shade. For lips, apply with lip brush. Apply to cheeks, chin, temples and forehead with our Kubki brush or mini half moon blush brush.

Our 100% mineral lipsticks & lip glosses give long-lasting coverage in a rich, luxurious formulation. The lipsticks are made with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamins A, D & E. They won’t feather or smudge. Our mineral lip gloss is formulated with aloe vera, green tea extract and a hint of refreshing peppermint. Apply directly or with a lip brush.


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Some of our natural blulshes may contain traces of carmine, a safe, natural red pigment from the Coccus Cacti.
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