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Facts about AHA

How do Alpha Hydroxy Acids work?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids work as exfoliants by speeding up the skin?s own natural shedding process (which slows down as we get older), thereby encouraging the skin to shed its surface coating of dead cells and replacing them with new ones at a faster rate. AHAs effectively moisturizes dry and severely dry skin.

  • reduces the amount of superficial wrinkles
  • improves skin texture and tone
  • helps manage oily and acne skin problems
  • unblocks and cleanses the pores
  • helps reduce skin discoloration and age spots

Physical & chemical exfoliation methods are different things.

The difference between physical exfoliants, such as scrubs, loofahs, gloves, pads and lasers, and chemical exfoliants, such as AHA?s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), is that physical exfoliants apply force to physically remove the dead cells from the skin?s surface, while the chemical AHA?s exfoliate by breaking up the intercellular glue that causes skin cells to stick together. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are discriminatory exfoliaters, as they remove only the cells that are dead already and leave the live, healthy ones to remain.

AHA makes skin tingle upon application.

This has nothing to do with the product working, it is just your skin adjusting to the AHA. If however, you experience irritation simply rinse off the product and discontinue use.

With AHA,in the first few weeks you may see the signs of flaking.

It is common to experience some slight dryness and flakiness when using AHA. As new healthier skin cells come to surface, that flakiness will be replaced with radiant new skin. The texture will feel softer.

TIP: Don?t use an Alkaline (with a pH of 7 or higher), cleanser, foundation, etc. in conjunction with an AHA product. It will negate the acid component within the AHA, therefore making it ineffective. Harsh scrubs and cleansing grains and tanning should be avoided since they tend to negate the positive effects of AHAs.


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