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Aging can happen slowly or more quickly and can occur differently in different people.

Like growth spurts, it is natural to have aging spurts when there are periods of time when individual seems to age more quickly. However, some aspects of aging can be slowed by taking proper care of your body.

One of the most obvious signs of aging is the changes that occur in the appearance of the skin. Skin aging is mainly caused by exposure to the sun and to the harsh environmental elements.

Products with AHA ingredients can slow the signs of skin aging and to achieve healthier, younger looking skin.

Retin-A and alpha hydroxy acids are the two best known topical substances studied for their effect on wrinkles.











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Anti-aging myths

Alpha Hydroxy acids thin the skin. Not true. AHAs exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, but within a day or two your body replaces what they?ve removed with new cells.

Exercising face muscles helps prevent wrinkles. Strong facial muscles won?t re-create the support structure of collagen that has been weakened by the sun damage or aging, which are the two main causes of wrinkles.

To keep skin from sagging, massage moisturizer into your neck in an upward motion. It doesn?t work. As soon as you stop rubbing upward gravity pulls it back down toward the earth.

Semen is good for wrinkles. Semen contains protein which can have a tightening effect on the skin. As the water evaporates, the protein remains, temporarily stretching out fine wrinkles. But when rinsed all goes back to normal.
Note: Feedback on this subject from a reader cites that semen contains an abundance of natural lipids and essential amino acids and prostaglandins, natural substances which aid in skin repair and increase blood flow bringing in more nutrients to the to the skin. We agree with our readers feedback that, on this subject, it is best to use your own judgement.

Greasy foods make your skin break out. Your thighs and arteries may have an effect from greasy food but your skin won?t. hormones and stress levels are most likely the culprits for a sudden breakout.

Caffeine causes acne. One or two cups of coffee will not cause acne. It is entirely possible, though, that someone who are wired on caffeine and drink 5-6 cups a day can break out from the physical stress of it.

A pat of butter a day helps to moisturize your skin. You don?t need to create oil in your body by eating oil. Your body makes oil naturally from carbohydrates and proteins.


Anti-aging tips

Lifestyle changes can slow the aging process. Here are some anti-aging tips:

• Regular facials with massage can help increase the skin's circulation.

• Firming masks and hydrating treatments with mild exfoliation will also help to rejuvenate the skin's appearance.

Consistent use of moisturizers and products containing anti-aging staples like retinoids, AHA's, antioxidants, and humectants will help to reduce the signs of aging skin on the face and neck, and the ravages of hormone loss.

• Drink 6-8 glasses of purified or spring water each day to keep your body hydrated inside and out.

• Make reducing stress a priority. When you are stressed your body produces large amounts of cortisol, a steroid hormone that causes you to produce excess oil, which clogs glands and can lead to acne. Reduce stress by talking to your friends at least once a week, find reasons to laugh every day, work out at the gym and get the rest your body needs. Some doctors maintain that a good sex life can reduce stress and lower cortisol levels.

We ARE in control of our aging
AAging is psychological as well as physical. It begins at an early age. People who live fuller, longer lives have certain basic attributes. This has been proven in recent results from the longest and most comprehensive study of human development ever undertaken. This study was done at Harvard and began in 1920. It followed a group of individuals from their teens into their 80’s.

The results found that there are four attributes that are vital to successful aging:
The ability to anticipate, to plan and to hope.
Seeing the glass as half-full, not half-empty and living in an attitude of gratitude, forgiveness and optimism.
The ability to imagine the world as it seems to other people.
The ability to reach out to other people, to want to interact with other people positively.

Dr. George E. Vaillant, the director of the Harvard study, points out seven keys to aging well. People who had four or more of these seven factors by age 50 were one-third less likely to be dead by the age of 80. People with three or fewer of these factors by age 50 were three times as likely to die during the following 30 years.

Here are the seven factor to aging well:
1. Not smoking, or quitting early: "Smoking is probably the most significant factor in terms of health."

2. The ability to take life?s ups and downs in stride: Adapt a coping style that let?s you roll with the punches. Keep your sense of humor, learn new things and have fun, give of yourself and make friends with people who are younger than you are.

3. Don?t abuse alcohol: over indulging in alcohol can destroy your physical and mental health.

4. Maintaining a strong marriage: the study showed that, if people are willing to work through their problems, marriages improve over time and contribute to a long and happy life.

5. Maintain a healthy weight: being over weight is a risk factor to good health.

6. Physical activity: The Harvard study showed that even doing some exercise improves both mental and physical health.

7. Continued education: Dr. Vaillant says that "People seek education because they believe it is possible to control the course of their lives." People who are interested in "self care and perseverance are more likely to continue their education."

Cigarette smoking contributes to facial wrinkles. People who smoke tend to have more wrinkles than nonsmokers of the same age, complexion, and history of sun exposure. Facial wrinkles increase with the amount of cigarettes and number of years a person has smoked. Current smokers tend to have more facial wrinkles than non smokers and past smokers.

Smoking triggers an effect on the small blood vessels, reducing the blood circulation to the skin. The skin becomes starved for blood and oxygen, which results in the deeper than usual aging wrnkling of skin arund eyes and lips know as "cigarette face." The skin color of smokers also takes on a yellowish tone.

Beyond premature aging of the skin caused by smoking, the chemicals found in tobacco have a tremendous health risk for the body. Chronic bronchitis, weakened immune system, coronary artery disease, forms of heart disease, emphysema, gastroesophageal reflux disease and lung cancer all have been found to be related to smoking.

There are three main ways to protect the skin from the enviromment and the sun's ultraviolet light: sun avoidance, cover up clothing and sunscreen.

If you are an active person, it?s hard to stay out of the sun. If you are going to spend time in the sun, cover-up clothing and sufficient sunscreen are essential to prevent sun damage and premature aging to your skin.

The SPF (sun protection factor) of clothing has been studied. A typical summer weight cotton T-shirt has a SPF of only 7 or 8. The SPF decreases if the shirt gets wet. A higher number means longer protection. The minimum acceptable SPF is 15 and many doctors routinely recommend SPF 30 to effectively protect the skin from damage. Look for sunscreen with moisturizers to help condition skin while it protects.

Look for products with labels that say: broad spectrum, which means they protect against both types of harmful sun rays, UVA and UVB. Also look for "water resistant", which means that they stay on your skin longer, even if you get wet or perspire a lot. Broad brimmed hats and sunglasses are as important sun protection as well as fashion statments.

Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun's UV rays are strongest. Don't be fooled by cloudy skies. Harmful rays pass through clouds. UV radiation also can pass through water.

Using Sunscreens Effectively Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure. Don?t skimp, use a handful every time you put it on. If you aren?t perspiring, it ?s best to reapply it every two hours. If you perspire heavily, reapply every forty minutes.

Don?t be fooled by any "waterproof" sunscreens, you still need to reapply it.

Some medications and perfumes can cause chemical reactions with the sun. Retin A can cause skin to burn very easily and twice as fast. Diuretics can cause a rash or itchy bumps on exposed areas. Fragrances such as musk or lime can cause a burn or blotches. Tetracycline can increase sun sensitivity resulting in severe burning.

TIP for Soothing a sunburn: Fill a tub with tepid water and add 1 cup of white vinegar. Soak for at least 15 minutes. Vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties that help take the sting and swelling out of burns.

Avoid harmful tanning methods such as tanning beds, sunlamps or tanning pills. Tanning pills have a color additive that turns your skin orange after you take them.The large amount of color additive in tanning pills may be harmful. The FDA has approved this color additive for foods but not for tanning the skin.


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