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steps for proper skin care

A good daily skin care regimen calls for four basic steps: cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning and Moisturizing. If you are not doing these steps daily, you are not taking proper care of your skin.

Using products like retin a and alpha hydroxy acids help sluff off the dead skin cells to allow new skin to grow, minimizing fine lines that can age you.

In addition, keeping skin properly cleansed, hydrated, tonned and moisturized on a daily basis not only minimizes fine lines but helps protect skin from the aging process. Proper skin care keeps skin younger looking.

If you can disipline yourself to do this consistently on a daily basis you can visibly improve the texture of your skin, makeup will go on easier and look better, and you will find that people will notice. When they ask you what you are doing, please refer them to these tips.


1. Cleansing
Cleansing is a critical daily skin care step. Don't ever skip a day of removing makeup. Not cleansing properly can also strip the skin of natural oils that are important to keeping it soft and healthy. Wash face using a gentle cleanser, with fingers, moving in a circular motion. Limit showers and baths to 15 minutes and use warm, not hot, water and a foaming cleanser. Depending on whether your skin is normal to oily or normal to dry, you should use cleansers and products that are formulated for your specific skin type. Some cleansers are made specificly for skin that is very sensitive or subject to rosacea or eczema. Use a body wash in the bath or shower that is gentle on skin and does not leave a film after rinsing.

To remove eye makeup, always start with the eyes - one at a time. Close one eye, look with the other. Cleanse the first eye gently and completely before you begin the second one Apply eye makeup remover to a cotton pad. Wipe the pad from the brow downward over your closed lid to the base of you lashes. Do not drag against the skin. Repeat several times until the entire lid is clean.

2. Exfoliation
Dead cells prevent moisture from being absorbed into the skin. Also exfoliation may help protect skin from skin cancer by eliminating abnormal cells before they become dangerous. A granular scrub or moisturizing cleanser that contains AHA helps to slough off dead cells from the skin surface. Elbows, heels and knees tend to dry out more quickly because they are constantly bent and flexed. These areas can benefit from the use of a loofah. If your skin is sensitive, use a synthetic puff or natural sponge. A callous remover is great to use on extra-thickened dry skin areas on your feet such as heels. To add a gentle theraputic exfoliation treatment to your bath, add 2 teaspoons of natural sea salt, It helps to draw toxins from the skin and and gently exfoliates.

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3. Toning
Toners tighten the pores and restore pH balance to the skin while cleaning it of excess cleanser and makeup. Natural additives such as Vitamin C (which is an antii-oxidant and helps formulate collagen) AHA, and Almond oil extract calm and heal skin. A facial masque is another way to firm and improve skin tone. If you have 10-15 minutes, enjoy a relaxing bath while wearing a natural clay masque. The natural clay, Kaolin, draws impurities out of clogged pores and minimizes the pore size and helps tighten and refine skin. A moisturizing masque can nourish and replenish skin with youthfulness, elasticity and firmness. It’s a healthy, relaxing treat for your skin.

4. Moisturizing
After cleansing, exfoliating or toning, pat dry with a towel, don’t rub (so that you leave your skin slightly damp) and apply moisturizer. Applying moisturizer to slightly damp skin protects your skin to lock in moisture and provide a healthy supply of daily essential nutrients. Be sure to apply extra moisturizer or extra intensive moisturizer to dry skin areas and areas such as elbows and heels. Moisturize again before bedtime.

Using skin nourishing cream moisturizers such as Tomi Gion super-saturated Vitamin E Crème, All Natural Shea Butter, not only help to protect and soften skin but also add beneficial natural emollients while they moisturize to keep skin younger looking. For very dry skin areas and heel and elbows, Almond Oil offers more intensive skin moisturizing. To keep skin fresh and hydrated all day, periodically spritz skin lightly with a water-based mister with natural essences. Lips are very delicate and can dry out easily. They need to be protected moisturized to maintain a plump, healthy appearance. Use a nourishing lip balm or lip treatment stick with sunscreen to protect them from the sun and harsh free radical environmental elements.





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